20 lessons before turning 20.


After more than a year of letting this blog go dusty, this is the first time I’m actually sitting down, typing away my thoughts without being wary of the word limit, the deadline or whether I have enough articles to support my points. I feel really great. I wish I was having my second cup of coffee of the day while I’m writing this but oh well, I’m not that cool and I should probably not get too caffeinated (just for today). In fact, I’m just sitting on my bed with merely a bottle of plain water next to me. That said, friendly reminder to drink plenty of water! The scorching hot weather nowadays can get you very dehydrated and you absolutely do not want that.

Anyway, March is here! My favourite month is here!

It’s the month in which I turn a year older and I’m turning 20 this year: the era of adulthood, independence, sophistication, wisdom, acute decision-making skills, brilliant fashion sense and being completely untouchable.

Scratch that. I can’t even see a doctor without nervously glancing at my mum to help me explain what my problem is.

I have no intention to sentimentally elaborate how excited or scared witless I am about the whole ‘adulting’ thing. Honestly, I’m just in the middle of the spectrum. So without further ado, here are the “20 lessons before turning 20.”

  1. “Big girls don’t cry” is a myth (no offence, Fergie). When we were younger, we got over our inhibitions rather quickly. We fell, scraped our knees, cried and whined but it would be over within a minute. But the pain we feel lingers around much longer as we grow. Bad news: it’s sickening – everytime we feel pain, we would long for the moment it’ll all be over. Good news: the ability to hide or run away from our emotions does not represent maturity; maturity means we embrace those emotions without fear or shame, and allow them to help us grow. So hey, if you’re so happy and proud with your achievements, hurt that your loved ones are no longer with you or you’re watching such a sappy movie, it’s alright to let those tears flow.
  2. If your parents ask you to go out with them, even just for a drive around town, always say “yes”. They are the ones who will forever long for your company; whether they say it directly to you or not.
  3. First impressions do matter, but are not always right.
  4. Ice cream will always, always be the perfect remedy albeit your age. (Really, God bless you, inventor of ice cream).
  5. When you commit a sin, you will feel some sort of weight placed on your shoulders. Nonetheless, remember that Allah is the Most Merciful and Forgiving. Do not let that weight hinder you from becoming a better person.
  6. It’s perfectly okay to stay away from social media platforms if you feel like it. Take your time until you are ready to go back.
  7. Say “I love you” to your family and friends. Some of us are not brought up in an environment where such form of affection is normalized, but when the opportunity comes, do try! It will make you and your loved ones feel a lot better.
  8. Always try to listen to both sides of a story.
  9. Saving money really does give you satisfaction.
  10. Be the biggest fan of your works – your art, writing, the pastries you bake, etc. It’s important to do what you love, but it’s equally important to love what you do.
  11. Everyone is judgemental, but our choice to not bluntly point out our dislike towards how a person dresses, walks, talks or acts is what sets us apart from the ‘rude people’ category.
  12. Be in a relationship when you’re ready; not when you’re lonely.
  13. Forgive those who have wronged you each night before you go to bed. Sleep with a clean heart. You’ll sleep better.
  14. We are only scared of the outcomes we create in our mind.
  15. Humility is not a weakness.
  16. Be celebratory of other people’s success. An envious heart creates an unhealthy soul.
  17. Don’t forget to reward yourself even for the littlest accomplishments like overcoming your fears that other people might find trivial such as being able to pump gas all by yourself.
  18. Possess the curiosity of a child.
  19. Doing the dishes can be very therapeutic.
  20. Yes, you have every right to cut off ties with people who might impede your growth as a person. However, spend some time to evaluate the possibility that you might be that person to other people. Instead of solely pointing fingers, self-reflection is indeed important!

I will be going back to college in a few days since the new semester starts Monday. I’ve been on an amazing break, so it is now time to get back to keeping my hands busy. Until next post!

Have a splendid March, everyone.




3 thoughts on “20 lessons before turning 20.

  1. It sounds like you’ve been learning quite a bit! And, yes, adulting can be nerve-wracking. All of us are out here bewildered and trying to figure things out, so you’re not alone. Just keep remembering to check in with yourself to make sure that the steps you take are because you want to and not just on auto-pilot of what you see around you. 🙂


    1. Thank you for spending some time to read this post and for the warm reminder! It means a lot receiving such advice. I’ll be sure to keep things in check and stay alert of my own desires. Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

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