’40 facts’ is too mainstream so I have no idea what to put as the title

The first few weeks of January have been absolutely splendid. I’ve been keeping myself busy with weekly driving lessons, spending more time with my family and appreciating everything that’s happening in life right now. I guess it’s an indispensable thing to do, seeing as I will be entering the next phase of my life circa 4 months from now. There’s so much to look forward to, but at the same time I want to make the best of the present.

Since I’m still quite new to this wordpress world, I decided to do a little introduction about myself. By little I mean 40 facts. Which I took two whole hours to think of. Which led me to watching belting lessons on YouTube and realising that I could never belt.

  1. I was born on March 3rd
  2. I’m a Harry Potter maniac
  3. 3 is one of my favourite numbers
  4. I’m open to a variety of music genres, but I have a soft spot for alternative music
  5. I’m naturally not a debater. When I get into one, I’d be glad to step out of it
  6. I have an odd fear of clowns
  7. My most prized possession is my Harry Potter books
  8. I think smart, outgoing and funny are the qualities that make a guy attractive
  9. I love travelling on highways
  10. One of the things I wish I could change about myself is my forgetfulness
  11. My favourite vocalists are Ariana Grande for female and Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco for male
  12. I’m VERY into bands
  13. I sing I Write Sins, Not Tragedies way too much
  14. I’m not really a well-organised person
  15. I’m socially awkward sometimes
  16. Contrary to fact #15, I also sometimes feel the need to start a conversation when I meet new people
  17. My dream is to become a lecturer, publish my own books, become a part-time songwriter and probably open a bakery because I just. Love. Bread
  18. I love the smell of books
  19. Rain gives me serenity
  20. I’m an easily distracted person
  21. My favourite songs of all time include Drops of Jupiter by Train and Therapy by All Time Low
  22. Before I settle down, I hope to travel the world
  23. When I need a good laugh, I usually watch vines of Brendon Urie singing
  24. I’ve never been in a cinema
  25. My icon in fashion is Amy Lee from Evanescence (trust me I can never dress like that). I love the kind of style that has a little bit of gothic element
  26. I wrote a whole book when I was in primary school but it got deleted off my old computer by accident
  27. I dislike being compared
  28. Strangely, I like making eye contact
  29. I have WAY too many recordings in my phone (90% of them consists of ideas I forgot to work on)
  30. The essentials in my bag wherever I go: a novel, a small notebook, my phone, my earphones, my perfume and my purse
  31. A talent that I wish I had is drawing
  32. When I grow up, I want a personal library and a home studio
  33. I prefer long messages over short ones
  34. I shamelessly sing no matter where I am
  35. The worst physical injuries I’ve ever gotten were nosebleed from getting punched in the face and a broken arm
  36. I am TERRIBLE at finding items/my belongings
  37. It’s compulsory for me to drink a glass of water before bedtime and after I wake up
  38. My favourite Disney films are Wreck-It-Ralph and Big Hero 6
  39. Eating makes me feel better
  40. I get irritated when people think that every girl needs a boyfriend. I believe in love, of course, but I also strongly believe that girls don’t need boys to feel content/happy.

So those are the 40 things that should let you know a little more about me. I apologise for the possibility that I just wasted a few minutes of your life. Nevertheless, thank you for reading. And more thank you’s if you read those facts from the first to the 40th.

I hope you’re having/had a beautiful day because believe me, you deserve it.


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